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Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
octavia spencer. talk about her role in this town. -- in this film. >> i wrote the script with mike in mind. i had a good idea we could get mike because no one was using him for what you is worth. michael b. jordan. he had done "the wire," and had done even if you feature films that are successful, but i had not seen him in the lead role. every time i watched him, i wanted the camera to stay on him. octavia, after i finish the sentence screenwriters lab, but a jet was like, i think we can get this to octavia. i was like, should you are crazy. she just won an oscar. >> she won the oscar for "the help." >> an on board. she is one of the warmest human beings i've ever met in my life. >> you were directing this academy award winning star. >> i was. it is very motivating. >> there was an interesting question last night when this movie played. someone raised their hand and said, "what about the bart? bart" you did this in the bart station. it was the bart police that killed oscar grant did did they cooperate? >> they did. a little history about what happened, after oscars trial and everyt
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> stand up, live better. >> that was the advocacy video they put together. >> in my letter to the ceo mike duke of wal-mart, i said, "you are a billionaire or two from being unionized." the unions do not have the right strategy. if he had a couple of billionaires to say, ok, here is $200 million and here is the strategy -- by the way, i outlined in my political fiction book "only the super rich can save us." how to unionize walmart, it would be done. i don't think many billionaires' may watch this program, but if they want to have a legacy in history -- if you union as walmart, you completely change the direction of worker power in this country. and billions of dollars will go in and jereis this low-wage economy, this race to the bottom where we are becoming an advanced third world country. that is what we are, and advanced third world country. we're leading in science and technology, but not for the people. mass of a literary power. if you look at the condition that 85% of the country, it is terrible. >> i'm looking right now at those who are walking to their seats. timothy geithner, the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2